I gave up… Instagram got me !!

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back in December 2012 I posted this… It’s ok to change your/my mind !!

AND YEAH I GAVE UP, I’M NOW ON INSTAGRAM: codsolivia … #FOLLOWME ! I don’t know why I subscribe I was just like “you know what: fuck that, I’mma be an instajunkie it’s all right ” !!! So I’m officially a #newbie stalker, an egocentric bxtch, who’s going to spam you with my everyday life in pictures ! #suckit lol Welcome to me 🙂

instagraminstagram: codsolivia


Can’t wait to get in the water again, enough for the tan, I need to get back on my surfboard !! Eventhough the water is cold as fxck, there are always brave surfers and bodyboarders in the water, but I ain’t a “thug” #CHILLY 

I bought this ASOS transparent shirt a year ago, still don’t know why, it has no utility in my closet, really… I almost forgot about it! And Sunday I went to “La Cabane des Surfers” with my girls (one of my fav’ spot in Dakar, I’ll talk about it later), after a wild night I had to put my ASOS leopard sunglasses on, with my stripe AMERICAN APPAREL Body I was ready to go sunbathing…volet1




DIRTY PARAFFIN is a duo, based in Jo’burg, originally from Durban and strongly influenced by South African Kwaito as well as the Zulu language and culture. I really love their eclectic style and sound !

And Oh… I love the caps they are wearing in this video > 5 Panels x 2BOP collab: you can shop it here , my fav is one with the watermelons printed on.